Album is a creative documentary that spotlights three queer individuals in Beirut and their relationships with their mothers as they grapple with love, self-discovery and 'coming out'.

Album is a documentary film that focuses on the different relationships between 3 queer individuals and their mothers: Omar, a queer man who tests his mother's tolerance towards homosexuality; Nicole, a bisexual woman who is accepted by her mother; Ameen, a non-binary person whose orientation is entirely rejected by their family. The film explores the intrapersonal and intrafamilial dimension of "coming out" in a place where queer expression is often met with hostility and rejection. The protagonists' stories are complemented by footage of "Le Marchand De Reves": a photobooth experience where the director takes photographs of everyday people in a judgment-free space. The storyline is seen through the lens of the Lebanese October 17 revolution, which has empowered various groups, including the LGBT community, to revolt for their rights. Album is an exploration of art, friendship, family, and love.

Country of production: Lebanon


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