Love, the last chapter

In Calgary’s Aspen Silvera Home for Seniors, some of the elders are in new romances, others are maintaining long-term partnerships, and a few simply want to get intimate… but all of them face challenges from their health, the facility, the staff, their families, and their community. Love, the Last Chapter uses the taboo topic of elder sexuality to explore deeper issues of aging and late-in-life decision making.

We all grow old, but having little say in how we live out our twilight years should not be how our stories end. This film underscores the importance of maintaining the rights and dignity of Canadians as they enter into the last decades of their lives


Help people make better-informed decisions for themselves or their family members by destigmatizing the aging and elder care decision-making process.

Prevent elder couples from being separated in assisted living facilities.

Prioritize joy, quality of life, and the protection of the rights and freedoms of elders.


In production