Roll Red Roll

The story of a football town divided, ROLL RED ROLL is a true crime thriller examining the aftermath of a sexual assault in small town America.

A whistle-blowing blogger uncovers disturbing social media evidence documenting the gang rape of a teenage girl by members of the football team in small town Ohio. The incidents in this former steel town provoked international outrage. The moral implications of teens acting with impunity in social media’s virtual town square were a tipping point at the intersection of online bullying and rape culture.

Using the cinematic techniques of a thriller, ROLL RED ROLL uncovers the motivations and complexities of the perpetrators and bystanders and portrays the gritty reality of a small town already down on its luck, struggling to heal and rebuild after tragic and divisive events.

Our cutting edge outreach hinges on deploying the sexual violence prevention app, Circle of 6, to high school students paired with consent-based education. We are also developing an interactive role-playing game that will transform the story into a live-action experience that focuses on social decision-making, exploring the challenging choices, motivations and repercussions of each player.


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