The Age of Water

In a small Mexican town, a young mother discovers radioactive water is the culprit for the illness of her daughter and the death of numerous children. Spearheading the effort for clean water, Nely makes enormous personal sacrifces to stand up to one of Mexico’s most corrupt government institutions.

La Cantera is a small rural community in Mexico that has recently suffered the deaths of 12 of its people to leukemia, most recently, three girls under the age of 10. Public outcry for answers to these fatalities was met with swift dismissal from the local authorities. At the center of this furor is Nely, a 28-year-old single mom, who was thrust into a leadership position she never expected after almost losing her daughter to the toxic water present throughout the community. Nely begins to demand answers from government authorities, and as a result, finds herself faced with arduous personal challenges: encountering death threats, the failure of her marriage, and the risk of financial collapse.

Uncommonly pragmatic, Nely mobilizes to create a community coalition and produces an unlikely alliance of women who become a force to be reckoned with. Advising them is Dr. Adrián Ortega; a renown hydrogeologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Soon joining the cause, he discovers the underground aquifer is radioactive, causing the crisis to take on unprecedented political and environmental stakes. Nely and her team realize they’re wielding powerful leverage against one of the most corrupt governments in Mexico.

Circumstances grow dire immediately. Nely draws the attention of the National Water Commission and her community is tearing itself apart; meanwhile Nely steels herself against the possibility that the authorities could make her disappear, at any time. Her growth from idealistic and hopeful young mother to a hardened and shrewd woman is the driving force behind this movement and her story: no longer complacent, no longer passive, Nely’s story is a classic testament of the human spirit..


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