Good Pitch Local

With a new resolve to bridge divides and make new alliances that are both bi-partisan and inter-faith, the Good Pitch programme is going LOCAL - working at the state, county, town and city level of engagement. We want to find and support local voices by connecting filmmakers with local funders, local organizers, local lawyers, local educators, local policy makers and local media to shape innovative media that can galvanize their communities.

Good Pitch Local is set apart from our other editions by building in pitches in both directions - it’s not only filmmakers who get the spotlight, but also activists and organisers who can envision film and media as an aid to achieving their missions. We want Good Pitch Local to build communities of people who care about the same stories from different perspectives - whose work can complement each other’s and double efforts to achieve shared goals. We invite ideas to be pitched not just by creatives or journalists looking for partners but by community organisers, lawyers or funders who are at the heart of stories that need telling.

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