Afrinolly Limited.


Afrinolly is an entertainment App, developed by FansConnectOnline Limited. The app won 1st Prize at the 1st African Google Android developers app competition in 2011. Thereafter, we opened up a "Studio Facility" to help with production of contents (Pre - Post production). The App is currently under upgrade construction, as we're currently evolving from Freemium to Premium app.

Involvement in film

Yes. Afrinolly has been involved in various content creation for Ford Foundation, using our Cinema4Change platform. One of our staff Jay-Franklyn Jituboh recently debuted his 1st Cinema film titled DINNER, THE MOVIE. all around Nigeria and Ghana.
We're currently going through the last bend in the making our 1st TV Series in Nigeria.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.