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Al Jazeera English actively seeks out fresh perspectives from under-reported regions around the world. It is now widely regarded as a reputable news source and a major force in global media. The channel’s mission is to provide independent, impartial news for an international audience and to balance the information flow between the South and the North. The channel challenges established perceptions, bridges cultures and gives voice to the voiceless.

Witness is the flagship, observational documentary strand on Al Jazeera English, broadcasting one 25’ film and one 48’ film each week. Witness films are character-led, first-person stories which set the context to the daily news agenda and provide an insight into key events of the day as they impact on the lives of ordinary people. Witness documentaries are inspirational and provocative with a global resonance and appeal. As far as possible, Witness stories are told by local filmmakers and the films aim to showcase the work of established and emerging documentary talent from around the world.

Involvement in film

Initiating the film idea and guiding the process.


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