Art For Amnesty


Amnesty International has a proud history of working with musicians, directors, actors, visual artists, filmmakers, performers and cultural organisations from the arts sector. These supporters have added their impassioned voices to millions of other Amnesty International members worldwide in the demand for dignity, fairness, freedom, justice and truth for all.

Art for Amnesty is a global program that aims to increase artistic support for our human rights work.

Involvement in film

With The Yes Men Fix the World, Amnesty International UK worked with Dogwoof and Mike and Andy from the Yes Men on an Amnesty special preview screening event for invited guests including artist supporters, opinion formers, campaigners, press etc, to help to add to the buzz on its UK release.

The event contained a post-screening Q&A with Amnesty campaigners and the Yes Men, which tied into Amnesty’s campaign around corporate accountability as part of our Poverty and Human Rights campaigning.

AIUK also communicated to Amnesty members, supporters and groups via online and various comms channels.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.