Beasiswa Dian


Beasiswa Dian (Dian Scholarship) is a program initiated to give scholarships for underprivileged-yet deserving young girls to be able to pursue a higher education at the country's best universities.
Started since 2013, the aim was to invest on the future mothers of the next generation Indonesian. If we can give access to higher education for several eager young girls at a time, then we can expect them to thrive and to be able to give back to their own society, to inspire her surroundings, but most of all to inspire their own children in the future once they have become mothers.
Humans develop their first knowledge and way of thinking by adopting their mother's point of view. They recognize their surroundings through their mother's explanation. Humans will also learn to navigate their life in ways their mother does. A brave and optimistic mother will raise braver and more optimistic children. With that logic in the back of our minds, we hope that we can look for a better quality of Indonesians in the future that will be able to tackle various challenges in the future if we invest on the young women nowadays.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.