Biru Terong Initiative


Biru Terong Initiative is a content producer in audiovisual, and other format. Our mission is to celebrate diversity in people, culture and nature. We (co)/produce, archive, spread and screen film in the spirit of spreading good content, lifelong learning and empowerment

Involvement in film

Yes. One of our long term project is Handloom weaving of Indonesia we produced 1 documentary about empowering handloom/ traditional weaving of Toraja (title Torajamelo, Weaving Compassion in Toraja), and in post production for handloom/ traditional weaving of Lamawara (working title). We worked with Women Headed Household organization, using film as an organizing and empowerment tool. Together with the women head of house hold in Adonara island (Indonesia) we produced film 'Ola Sita Inawae' about their struggle. All production crew and actors are trained locals & members of the organization.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.