Domestic Workers Empowerment Project (DWEP)


DWEP is a program we created in 2014 at the University of Hong Kong to empower domestic workers in Hong Kong. The ultimate aim of the program is to create positive image for domestic workers, their family, and their employers. Furthermore, teaching them on basic education like Health and Nutrition, Basic Rights and Women Empowerment, Nature Appreciation, Physical Fitness, Performance Arts. Thus, upgrading their knowledge and skills in preparation for their homecoming.

At DWEP we:

i) Take a leadership role in the organization of different activities for the domestic workers
ii) Enhance understanding on domestic workers and their culture through direct interaction
iii) Be empowered to become cultural ambassadors for domestic workers
iv) Help promote cultural understanding, respect and appreciation of domestic workers in Hong Kong
v) Help nurture a positive and constructive working relationship between the domestic workers and their employers
vi) Come up with an inspiring documentary video about the life stories of Domestic Workers and our students.
vii) Formulate new policies that would uplift the lives of the domestic workers and eliminate social boundaries and discrimination.

Currently, we have nearly 5000 members and around 150 student ambassadors from 27 countries.

For the domestic workers, they will:

i) Be empowered physically and emotionally through a series of educational activities organized by New College
ii) Be equipped with new knowledge, skills and ideas that can be useful in their daily lives and beyond
iii) Cultivate a positive attitude towards their current work and future aspirations or endeavors and lead a healthy lifestyle
iv) Learn the basic rights and responsibilities as employees and the safety concerns related to their working environment
v) Be provided with educational opportunities that promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature, environmental sensitivity and significance, and the associated conservation needs

Involvement in film

One of the core of DWEP is Performance Arts, we have entertainment or film screening at least every month. We showcase different films from social issues, to romantic affairs, to documentary. Students and Domestic Workers discussed the film after every screening and on how they can relate to the characters, the impact of the film and message.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.