Film i Skåne


Film i Skåne is a regional centre for film and video with the task of promoting all aspects of films. Commissioned and financed by Region Skåne and the Swedish Film Institute, Film i Skåne has been in operation since 1995. Since October 2009, Film i Skåne AB has been a part of Business Region Skåne.
Our regional film work covers three main fields – Film Education, Screening and Production.

Involvement in film

Film i Skåne regularly co-produce films and TV series as regional co-producers. A documentary film needs to have a production company based in the region in order to apply. Film i Skåne also includes Southern Sweden Film Commission, established in 2003 to promote the region as an international film location and to service international film and TV productions shooting in the region, which embraces the area of Southern Sweden.


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