Fritt Ord Foundation (The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo)


The Fritt Ord Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation. The paramount object of the foundation is to protect and promote freedom of expression and the environment for freedom of expression in Norway, particularly by encouraging lively debate and the dauntless use of the free word. We provide support for the programme areas ‘Media and Democracy’, ‘Information and the Public Debate’, ‘Grants and Training’ and ‘Art and Culture’.

Involvement in film

We have supported around 100 documentary films or video works during this period. The Fritt Ord Foundation funds first and foremost film directors, productions companies and artists in Norway. This year we have arranged special screenings of the documentary films ‘Gulabi Gang’ and ‘Banaz A Love Story’. Last year we gave attention to attacks on freedom of expression in filmmaking during the first world conference on artistic freedom of expression, ‘All That is Banned is Desired’.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.