IDFA is an annual leading documentary event, bringing the documentary community together in the centre of Amsterdam. It offers filmmakers a platform to launch their documentaries in various festival programmes and has two markets: the Forum for co-financing/production and Docs for Sale, a sales market. Young talent is placed at the forefront at IDFAcademy. IDFA is well-attended by both a large audience (250.000 sold tickets) and 3000 international documentary professionals. IDFA created the IDFA Bertha Fund for the support of film in developing countries. Stimulating international collaborations and creating visibility for films and their makers are key for IDFA.

Involvement in film

Every year, IDFA presents the best documentaries, selected from a huge field. This selection is made on the basis of clear criteria. In short, IDFA looks for documentaries that are interesting from a stylistic point of view, or are particularly innovative, relevant to social issues and successfully manage to communicate with their audiences.


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