Keys School Manila


Keys is a progressive K-12 school in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Some of the principles of progressive education are responding to the individual student’s strengths and areas of need, ensuring that education is personally meaningful to them, and that education not only serves to change the individual in a holistic manner, but that changed and whole individual, might be a future change-maker in society. A changed society is a society where respect and social justice prevail. That student who learns in an environment marked with respect and social justice has the potential to change society. Our learning environment is an inclusive environment where we identify and remove barriers to learning thus increasing access to education for all learners, including neurodiverse learners. We believe that all children have a right to education and there is no student who is unteachable. We ensure that we reach all learners in the classroom, students who might need a challenge, regular students, and students who require support.

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