Multi-Faith Veterans Support Project


The Multi-Faith Veterans Support Project is a new collaborative effort of the Egan Office for Urban Education and Community Partnerships at DePaul Univeristy and the McCormick Foundation to pilot projects that will enhance the quality of life for veterans and their families. The initiative seeks to create a network of recognizably branded "veteran-friendly" faith-based organizations and houses of worship that are equipped with knowledge and skills to understand and address the needs of veterans and their families; to integrate houses of worship and faith-based organizations into local networks of social service providers; to raise awareness about faith-based resources for veterans; to equip, train and support those who are actively involved with faith-based and community-based organizations, to help them broaden the spectrum of local services offered for veterans and their families living in their communities; to promote the active role of veterans as valuable community assets; to contribute to maximizing the use of resources and services currently available specifically for veterans; and to increase knowledge on the role of faith-based organizations and houses of worship in veterans' behavioral health and in informing policy.

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