Perspective Fund


Perspective Fund supports documentaries that raise awareness, connect people, inspire action, and create impact around human rights and social justice. Perspective is part of a growing movement to utilize the power of documentaries to advocate for human rights. We believe that independent film and digital storytelling are vital tools in the pursuit of freedom of expression, social justice, equity, and the fulfillment of human rights. These tools should be used to highlight issues suffered by the most marginalized and vulnerable populations, and for the betterment of their circumstances and the world in general.

Involvement in film

We have supported social justice documentaries at all stages of production -- from development, to production/post productions, to audience engagement and impact campaigns. Our priority areas are Children's Rights, Climate Justice, Racial and Criminal Justice, Women's Rights, LGBTQIA Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Health and Disability Rights, and Human Rights and Equality.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
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