Abhi Mandela


By education and profession I am an electronics engineer, and passionate about outdoors and wildlife.

While pursuing my education and previous profession, I made every possible effort to experience outdoors and involve in the conservation efforts through volunteering and moonlighting into some projects.

Since 2016, I am involved more often than I used to be in trying to make effective contributions to the outdoor and conservation scene through multi-faceted approaches. Some of them as below:

Wildly Inc. Conservation Technology Lab/Maker-space in India:
This non-profit organization is an initiative to encourage effective technological development and usage in the assistance of conservation field work.

Moving Waters Film Festival:
A free event for awareness and to provide a platform for people from various walks of life involved in working towards rivers and ocean ecosystem. This conservation initiative through talks and films in various categories will hopefully help people understand and fall in love with these beautiful ecosystems.

Conservify.org , Los Angeles, CA
I consult at this non-profit technology startup in various roles including system design, development, field deployment and data collection.

National Geographic: Into the Okavango (Okavango Wilderness Project), Angola, Namibia and Botswana.
I also consult for this non-profit group by helping their technological needs for their mega expeditions, my default involvements are paddling, dragging canoes, loading and unloading equipment, setting up camp. When needed I try to use drones for mapping, filming and use the various sensors available in obtaining data related to understanding these complex ecosystems at the headwaters of the Okavango delta in the Angolan highlands.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.