Abhilash C. A.


Abhilash is volunteering as Secretary from past 2 years. Mechanical Engg. graduate started his journey in social participation through Aam Aadmi Party, during its inception in Karnataka as Chikkaballapur District, In charge. From past 3 years, with the understanding of working with gross root movements and programs which are constructive in nature will be most necessary area before the Representative Political movement, actively took responsibilities with Gram Seva Sangh.

Gram Seva Sangh towards its objectives, running a project Ragi Kana, a cultural hub to convey idea of village to urban audience and Urban Weekend Haat of Rural Produces, at Bengaluru. In addition to these across the state led movements and worked with movements and organizations. Tax Denial Satyagraha demanding zero GST on all Handmade Products is one movement it led more than a year. Other collaborations include, with Natural farming groups, Literary groups, Handloom Weavers Federations, Karnataka Madya Nishedha Andolana is the recent collaborated effort we have done, to garner the support of Urban Women to the Rural Women led Prohibition Movement in Karnataka.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.