Akshatha Shetty


Akshatha Shetty is a writer who co-founded Rest Of My Family along with Piyush Goswami, a documentary filmmaker and photographer. Rest Of My Family is a social-work-through-art organisation working towards taking the process of social change and transformation to the level of the individual person by understanding and reducing indifference, and increasing empathy, kindness, compassion and inclusion in the Indian and global society through content and practice.
For the last six years, they have been on the road documenting and living with rural and tribal communities across the country. They have also implemented projects along the verticals of education, rural health care, sustainability and environment, drinking water accessibility, infrastructure, livelihood and crafts across all the regions they have lived in.
Rest Of My Family is not just a project or an organization. It is an attitude, an inclusive world view that if adopted can create a more kind and caring world. All of us, where ever we are, whatever line of work we are in, whatever be our capacities, can work towards making this world a little less indifferent by looking around ourselves and accepting everyone around us as our own and supporting those who might need a helping hand; like we would do for our dear loved ones.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.