Alette Schoon

I teach young people to tell stories with video at Rhodes University. It's a great job. They learn filmmaking techniques from scratch and I get to watch as they magically put together their first matched cuts and discover with glee that the rule of thirds really works to make your shots look beautiful. It's sometimes difficult to tear them away from thinking of filmmaking as a formula, which is why Iconstantly stress the power of a good story, and of learning to surf the emotions you feel in your gut and apply it to a film. In between the teaching I try keep making films myself. I've made lots of 10 minute films while I've been here, but no long doccies, and I've missed that. That's one of the reason I've been keen on our film collective that we've just started. It's great - a bit like being back in theheady days of eighties activism again - it's not about a broadcaster or a budget - just about our own values.


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