Arunesh Maiyer


Arunesh Maiyar has spent the last 35 years of his life in the area of employee training, largely for the hospitality business and occasionally for hospitals, airlines and banks. His other professions included food styling, the garment and the fashion show industry.
He has been involved in theatre for social change under the group called Ruchika in Delhi between 1983 n ‘86.
Since 1993, he was part of several small initiatives involving the founding and organizing of Gay and later LGBT groups as well as other social action oriented groups from Khush Club in Bombay to Sabrang and later Sangama in Bangalore to Aneka a group working on communalism.
Currently he is the President of Sangama Board a group working for the rights of the working class sexual minorities and sex workers. He is excited at the prospects for the way forward especially after the reading down of Section 377.


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