Bhargavi Rao


Bhargavi S. Rao holds a M’Phil Degree in Botany. She has 25 years of experience across teaching, research, advocacy and campaign in the development sector. She is currently an independent researcher, consultant and advisor. Her areas of expertise include: research, documentation, mobilization, advocacy, training on a variety of human rights, governance and people-centred efforts in areas of environmental and social justice. Post a couple of years of research in the Microbiology and Cell Biology Department at the Indian Institute of Science contributing to research on Rotavirus, she worked as a lecturer, teacher and has been with the development sector. She joined Environment Support Group, a voluntary, Not-for-profit, Public Interest Organisation in 1999 and has been a part of many grassroots movements that focused on access to water, land, seeds and livelihoods in urban and rural areas.

Her Research includes Environmental decision-making processes in the context of Mega Infrastructure Projects, Farming, Biodiversity, Biopiracy, Waste Management, Lakes, Thermal power plants, Mining, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Urban Ecology, Governance, Pollution, Commons, Traditional Livelihoods, Energy and climate change. Has contributed to policy-advocacy dialogues, public interest litigations and in raising awareness among local communities. Her experience includes working with Government agencies, Judiciary, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Local communities, the public and funding organisations. She has co-authored chapters to books, written articles to magazines and journals. She is guest faculty and speaker at many Universities abroad, local Educational Institutions and Corporates. She has Co-Directed many International Study Abroad programs for various Universities from USA, UK and Europe. Has been a consultant to the Environment Management Policy Research Institute, Green Foundation, United Way and many startups.


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