Faredoon Bhujwala


Freelance Corporate Facilitator who includes yoga, meditation and their philosophies to reinstate value and ethics in the board room and work force. Empower tribals in rural areas, Remedial English in Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, teach in jails and remand homes and conduct sessions in the Public Sector on Communication Excellence, Efficiency and Attitudinal Transformation, Ownership and Accountability, Evolving self to organizational success. Academic English for IIT, Powai and Education Board of Maharashtra via British Council Mumbai. Currently teaching Business English at 3 levels at Trident Hotel Mumbai.
Over the last three decades, Faredoon 'Dodo' Bhujwala has been at the vanguard of the Bombay arts scene, pushing the envelope in theatre and filmmaking. For the last ten years, he has applied his drive, creativity and leadership skills in the corporate space, creating an unparalelled positive impact on thousands of professionals across industries.


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