Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper is one of today's key influencers in international brand marketing. With a career spanning three decades, she was a founding Partner in the eponymous Jackie Cooper PR, and today serves as Global Vice Chair Brand Properties for
Edelman, the world's largest independent Pubic relations Company, where she
works at the intersection of brand, content and partnerships.

Initially working in PR on consumer and trade campaigns, in 1984 she quit her job
to join NGO Greenpeace, removing herself from the politics of agency life and creating renowned campaigns such as 'It only takes one dumb animal', a commentary on the fur trade in conjunction with photographer David Bailey. This took her on a journey through celebrity and fashion to an introduction to the infamous Max Clifford, who offered her an office and a raft of media experiences enabling the foundation of her own business. In 1987 Jackie met friend and subsequently long-term business partner Robert Phillips, with whom she embarked on a 17-year adventure, delivering award-winning campaigns,
from 'Hello Boys' for Wonderbra to the creation of 02.

Jackie and Robert sold JCPR to Edelman in 2004, and continues to work with their
team internationally to ensure maintenance of strategically powerful thinking and ground-breaking content across the myriad of Edelman practices and clients.

Married with two beautiful daughters, Jackie's maverick passion for making a difference
remains her driving force.


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