Kisilu Musya


Kisilu Musya is farmer from Mutomo, South East Kenya. For the last 5 years he has been filming in the area with camcorders and mobile phones to capture the life of his family, his village and the impacts of climate change. He has filmed floods, droughts and storms but also the more human impacts - his kids are sent home from school when he can’t pay the fees and men are moving to towns in search for jobs. Kisilu is also a tree planter and research farmer that explores new farming techniques and brings his findings to the community so that they together can find ways to improve their living. He is also an informal community leader with the drive and motivation to bring the community together to find common solutions on how to tackle climate change and other challenges. Kisilu’s footage and story has been part of several short-docs that has won awards internationally, and has been screened by more than 30 NGOs world wide.



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