Lakshmi Moola


Lakshmi Moola is the Founder & Managing Director of a renowned Executive Search & Technology company called ISF Group, which focuses on Leadership Hiring and niche technology development.
She is also the Executive Director of an News App called ‘ Bengaluru Suddi” a sensational local News App that covers all the 28 Constituencies News across Bengaluru's Constituencies. The App is created with the people of Bengaluru at heart. Our aim is to bring news of Bengaluru's various constituencies to our users. Information and news tailored according to each constituency. We also bring events, sport, businesses, entertainments and so on right from your constituencies. It's a way to showcase the local news to Bengalureans..
Lakshmi Moola has worked on many social causes & civic Issues and is an ardent & passionate Citizen activist , a trained Civic Leader from BPAC, animal rescuer, Gender equity voicer and has fought hard for many campaigns successful like #Notwithoutmydog, #ShaktiPoliticalpowerforwomen, #ELevatedCorridorbeda & many more. She has also contested the Corporator Elections in 2015.


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