Maia Lekow


Maia Lekow (Co-director/producer) is an award winning Kenyan musician and filmmaker with a healthy fascination of people and culture. The Letter, Maia’s directorial debut together with husband Chris King, premiered at IDFA in 2019 and was supported by IDFA Bertha Fund, Docubox, Hot Docs Blue Ice, Good Pitch Kenya, Sundance DFP and Chicken & Egg Pictures. Over six years of filming, the film explores the inter-generational conflict currently happening within Maia's coastal homeland. She was named a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR in 2013 and received an African Movie Academy Award for her song ‘Uko Wapi” in 2009. Currently performing across international stages with her band, Maia & The Big Sky, Maia has also composed a hauntingly beautiful original score for The Letter.



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