Manohar Kabeer


Manohar Kabeer is the Outreach Director at Good Pitch India. He makes sure the right people and organisations do not go unnoticed. He is an engineering walk-out and a self-taught media professional. Having worked on TV shows and documentaries for over 5 years in the cities of Mumbai and Pune, Manohar identifies his mission to create knowledge resources and content promoting civic action across mediums and platforms.

A researcher at heart, he looks at third places & placemaking, Indian Railways and campus culture in colleges with great curiosity, and enthusiastically advocates the role of gap-years and free learning in (and out of) the campus experience. Motivated to work at the confluence of education, media and politics, Manohar dreams of running a community space around citizen engagement. When not working, he can be found scouting cafes, talking to strangers on streets and trains or finding new people, ideas and enterprises online.


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