Marco Cartolano


Born on September 5 of 1984 in the AUTONOMOUS CITY of BUENOS AIRES; he is a playwright, screenwriter and film director.

He began his professional career as assistant theater multimedia and web on Spregelburd Rafael, where he worked some of his latest creations. This allowed him to approach the latest innovations in dramaturgy and assembly.

He then worked as an assistant director on "Ultima autopsia" a play directed by Monica Raiola and Alfredo Martin in the theater El Espion, and as assistant director and assistant drama in the play " Tu sin mi" directed by Monica Raiola in Timbre Blanco. Marco studied dramaturgy together with Matthias Feldman where he began writing his first works under his supervision. One of the works that came off of that workshop was "La Memoria del Bifronte" his debut which was done throughout the year 2012. That same year he founded the production studio Clementina Producciones along with Victoria Solano. He was awarded for one of his scripts "Eloy" for Best Short Film at the 2012 Cinexperiencia under the International Film Festival of Mar del Plata.

Currently he is working in the post-production for TV documentary 9.70 to be aired in Telesur in mid-year.



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