Pradeep Nair


Pradeep's most recent assignment before joining the Foundation was with The Volcker Alliance in New York, where working along with Paul Volcker and his advisory team he led their Public Service Program. In this role, he directed the Alliance’s efforts to work with corporates, academia and the government, to catalyze more effective, sustainable, and accountable solutions to public policy challenges; and to bridge the divide between government and the people it serves.
Previously, Pradeep worked for the Institute for Sustainable Communities, where he helped start and manage the group’s India office and develop and grow their global strategy and programs. Prior to that, as a Director with the Clinton Foundation, Pradeep helped in designing and expanding their global programs, managing India strategy and operations and later helping to establish the C40 Cities group in the South Asia region.
He spent the first part of his career in Silicon Valley, as a strategy consultant and technology specialist with Deloitte Consulting and several start-ups. He focused on advising corporates strategize and implement process and technology solutions, to grow, and scale up in new regions. He also led product development and helped launch several technology applications globally.
Pradeep is a regular panelist and speaker on international development and social issues, and given his diverse and deep work with corporates and public sector, he has a keen interest on bridging the gap between the two.


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