Prakash Bhatt


Some of my Achievements:
.Mobilisation of 7000 families in more than 75 villages in to community organisation to take care of their development.
.Draught-proofing of agriculture leading to successful models that have been recognized throughout the state and outside. 4000 families having changed their agriculture and life.
.Planting of more than 2 million trees as part of the farming system.
.Harvesting more than 50 crore litres of water
.Successful implementation of participatory development of non farm sector enterprises for the rural poor, more than 2000 families established their own enterprises
.Building of a training center, “Grama Chetana” on rural rejuvenation, motivating more than 2000 families to contribute in it.
.Papers in national and international publications, on development.
.Books on Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Indigenous Breeds of Cattle.


We can only do what we do because of organisations and individuals who support our work.
Thank you everyone.