Sandeep Anirudhan

Aikyam |

A chance encounter with death made Sandeep Anirudhan revisit all this life choices. Introspecting on what we humans spend our lifetimes doing, when our ultimate milestone is death, he realised the futility of living a conventional life of amassing money and destroying the world in the process. This led him on a journey of questioning everything, and 6 years ago, he turned his back on money and conventional careers. Ever since, he has been living a life of questioning everything, and creating beyond what is considered possible.
He has been building money-free and organisation-free voluntary communities to address all the challenges of our times such as sustainability, learning, awareness, citizen engagement and action, natural farming, water security, lake conservation, forest conservation, restoration of ecosystems and habitats, and many more… Through all of these, he has been trying to generate conscious living on our planet, in our society and our communities.

A brief list of his initiatives can be found on this page:


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