Varda Mehrotra


Varda Mehrotra is the Executive Director of Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). Having an extensive experience of working with activists and organisations in both India and Scotland, she is currently fulfilling her passion for empowering grassroots animal rights, building a movement, creating a community and encouraging collectives and collaboration. She has designed and set up a host of local and national thematic networks for many animal issues including the largest vegan advocacy network in India - now spanning over 70 cities. Spearheading efforts to make the Indian animal protection movement more robust and resilient, Varda has set up services to provide coaching, mentoring to hundreds of activists, organising and lecturing at workshops, seminars, conferences and bootcamps. As a staunch advocate of strategic campaigning, she has designed and run several pilots and projects to innovate on new people-powered and alliance-based approaches to solve animal related problems. Varda has also worked in areas of social enterprises and international development and has been trained in cognitive science, philosophy, computer science and bioinformatics.


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