Vasanthi Hariprakash


Vasanthi Hariprakash is a journalist, speaker, film festival curator and a social commentator . She is also the founder of Pickle Jar media, a platform that believes in spontaneous, agenda-free, sensible and sensitive reporting of a changing India.

Having been awardwinning primetime presenter of the breakfast show 'Good Morning Bangalore' on Radio City FM; then as special correspondent with NDTV 24x7 & as documentary anchor of a South Asia series on BBC World News, Vasanthi now coaches individuals and institutions , rural and urban, to leverage the media and become camera-savvy enough to tell their own story.

She has been a TEDx speaker thrice over and elsewhere in campuses across the country delivered talks on topics such as 'The 5 kinds of Indians that India needs today', how a woman can make herself heard in a Man's world, and how to create an ecosystem that doesn't get in your way to success.

Like she did in the Karnataka Assembly elections of 2018, she is now all set to take her Pickle Jar Poll Express on a travel across South India to report Lok Sabha elections through the lens of rural and small town India.


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