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Good Pitch connects the world's best social justice films with new allies and partners.

Support GPNY2013 alum The Hand That Feeds on Kickstarter and bring this tale about immigration, fast food, and making your own justice to a theater near you!

Oscar-nominated Virunga is now available to watch on Netflix in 52 territories worldwide!

Congratulations to Marc Silver on premiering 3.5 Minutes at Sundance Film Festival 2015
And winning the Special Jury Award for Social Impact | Read the Review

Explore issues around migration and the film Who Is Dayani Cristal
through their stunning new interactive site.

Sign the petition here // Watch the documentary here

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  • American Promise

    Pitched At Good Pitch @ TRIBECA 2010

  • The Bully Project

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2010

  • Invisible War

    Pitched At Good Pitch San Francisco 2011

  • No Fire Zone

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2013

  • Inequality For All

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2013

  • Crash Reel

    Pitched At Good Pitch SF 2012

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More than
2200 organisations have attended a Good Pitch since 2008, representing all areas of civil society.


  • “A phenomenal opportunity to identify social issues that need to be amplified through the power of film and collaboration”

    Mitch Markson Ogilvy
  • “A godsend for content makers, but also incredibly valuable to funders”

    Joseph Tovares Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • “So much energy, journalistic enterprise & storytelling skill coming out of the good pitch docs”

    David Rowan WIRED Magazine
  • “A+ day”

    Yancey Strickler Kickstarter
  • “It strikes me that one of the things good pitch does brilliantly (besides so much else) is harness the power of networks”

    Asim Haneef Al Jazeera
  • “An inspiring experience because it created a safe space to connect the pitchmakers to champions!”

    Pauline Nguyen Clinton Global Initiative
  • “A unique opportunity to embrace the power of visual storytelling, the potential of strong partnerships, and - most of all - the joy of making a difference”

    Dominik Prinz Interbrand
  • “i love #goodpitch it is knickers wetting in it’s inspiration... rock on”

    Sam Roddick Roddick Foundation

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