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  • American Promise

    Pitched At Good Pitch @ TRIBECA 2010

  • The Bully Project

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2010

  • Invisible War

    Pitched At Good Pitch San Francisco 2011

  • No Fire Zone

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2013

  • Inequality For All

    Pitched At Good Pitch New York 2013

  • Crash Reel

    Pitched At Good Pitch SF 2012

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2200 organisations have attended a Good Pitch since 2008, representing all areas of civil society.


  • “A phenomenal opportunity to identify social issues that need to be amplified through the power of film and collaboration”

    Mitch Markson Ogilvy
  • “A godsend for content makers, but also incredibly valuable to funders”

    Joseph Tovares Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • “So much energy, journalistic enterprise & storytelling skill coming out of the good pitch docs”

    David Rowan WIRED Magazine
  • “A+ day”

    Yancey Strickler Kickstarter
  • “It strikes me that one of the things good pitch does brilliantly (besides so much else) is harness the power of networks”

    Asim Haneef Al Jazeera
  • “An inspiring experience because it created a safe space to connect the pitchmakers to champions!”

    Pauline Nguyen Clinton Global Initiative
  • “A unique opportunity to embrace the power of visual storytelling, the potential of strong partnerships, and - most of all - the joy of making a difference”

    Dominik Prinz Interbrand
  • “i love #goodpitch it is knickers wetting in it’s inspiration... rock on”

    Sam Roddick Roddick Foundation

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