The Good Pitch Programme

Fuels the very best independent documentary filmmaking in the world
Over 1300 festival
awards and industry acolades
Forges new partnerships between filmmakers and changemakers from across civil society
Over 1600 active partnerships directly out of Good Pitch events
Unlocks new investment and new audiences for documentary films
Triggered over $30 Million in funding
Enriches the lives of individuals, transforms communities and improves societies
More than 100 films being used in social justice campaigns

We create global impact using

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Live National Events

Each national Good Pitch live event is the result of over a year’s worth of deep planning, research and curation.

Bringing the world’s best documentary filmmakers together with leading changemakers around urgent social and environmental issues. It forges new coalitions and campaigns that are good for the films and good for society.
Each cycle, a new group of documentary filmmakers is selected to take part. These are exceptional storytellers and independent journalists, capturing urgent global issues, who are all working with feature length documentary film.
Over a year, the film teams receive creative mentorship to help develop their film, devise their impact strategy and identify potential partners.
At the climax of the live Good Pitch event, they will have just 7 minutes to perfectly pitch their film and associated impact campaign and ignite collaborations with an exceptional group of participants.
Participants in the audience at Good Pitch hail from all sectors of civil society: foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media.
They bring to the table expert knowledge, access to memberships and mailing lists, campaigning and lobbying expertise, connections to policymakers or corporate leaders, and new sources of funding.
They have been invited to Good Pitch because of aligned social issues. They have come to Good Pitch to imagine how they could collaborate with independent filmmakers, to be inspired by the power of film.

Great introduction to the power of documentaries. Be in the room where it happens. Activists, foundations, corporations, individuals all come together to make a difference. An inspiring day that will alter your thinking about how docs can be a powerful piece of your life's work to make change.

Craig Harwood, Threshold Foundation

Storytellers, artists, changemakers and heros - everyone who makes sure the story doesn't end with the film, but starts from there. No one else cooks up this kind of stew but Good Pitch - fortifying us all to go out and ensure these stories are told and the world is called to respond.

Sarah Williams, Propel Capital

Good Pitch is a very unique opportunity to embrace the power of visual storytelling , the potential of strong partnerships, and – most of all – the joy of making a difference.

Dominik Prinz, Interbrand

Good Pitch Local

Good Pitch Local is our new grassroots initiative organised at the city or state level, designed to be rapid response and making a platform for short-form documentary as well as other kinds of media including podcasts and digital.

Good Pitch Local is set apart from our other editions by building in pitches in both directions - it’s not only filmmakers who get the spotlight, but also activists and organisers who can envision film and media as an aid to achieving their missions.
It is building communities of people who care about the same stories from different perspectives - whose work can complement each other’s and double efforts to achieve shared goals.
We invite ideas to be pitched not just by creatives or journalists looking for partners but by community organisers, lawyers or funders who are at the heart of stories that need telling.

There was a decision made to really go local, because that's where the grassroots organising was happening and that's where the base was being built. Every community in the country could use a Good Pitch Local as injustice is everywhere.

Cara Mertes, Just Film, Ford Foundation

Good Pitch Local not only connected me to innovative filmmakers and change agents, but it also provided me with a fresh perspective and appreciation for the power of film and media in creating long lasting change in our communities. I walked away with new partners, ideas and stories to share.

Daniel Gibson, Allegany Franciscan Ministries

Good Pitch Local was amazing! There was a dynamic and electric synergy between pitchers and local organizations. I left feeling energized and ready to amplify stories that can have an impact in my hometown. If you believe that your community needs more powerful narratives, then Good Pitch local is the place to be!

Ani Mercedes, Impact Producer

Impact Labs

The Impact Labs are at the very heart of the Good Pitch programme.

The Impact Lab has given me clarity and structure in how to plan and strategize impact campaigns. Seeing case studies of how others have done well gives hope and inspiration that we are part of a bigger movement and that we can do it too. Getting to meet so many other amazing people, both from the US and Africa, assures me that I'll always have people I can reach out to for support with my future impact campaigns.

Shuling Yong, Media for Social Change, Chicago

A four day immersive workshop where selected filmmakers pour over case studies and dissect effective strategies for using independent documentary film as a tool for social or environmental change.
Working with the Good Pitch Outreach team the selected filmmakers imagine how their film could be put to the service of movements and reach audiences that matter.
We are also using the labs to train a new generation of Impact Producers, the team responsible for maximizing a film’s potential for social change. These are individuals from the worlds of film production and distribution, campaigning, journalism, legal and marketing & PR.
A new professional class, the Impact Producer's role varies based on the film content and defined distribution goals, but often includes overseeing a combination of strategy development, issue mapping, braintrust facilitation, semi-theatrical screening facilitation, organizational partnership development and management, digital content production and engagement, and evaluation and impact measurement.
So far over 50 professionals have attend the Labs to be trained as Impact Producers.
They are now organised in a digital community of over 200 peers, and are meeting in person at the annual Global Impact Producers Assembly. Sharing models of best practice and connecting campaigns across continents and into new territories.

One of the biggest values of the lab for me was to be connected to a bigger community of wise, fierce, effective people who are experimenting with different models. There was a strong foundation of sharing a number and variety of excellent models to use as a reference for thinking about / building impact campaigns - but also for having resources / people who built those campaigns, who we can each connect to to drill in further in the future.

Anya Rous, Resource Generation, New York.

Good Pitch was the best professional experience i have ever had in terms of fundraising and elevating awareness of my work as a filmmaker. It was also extremely soul-nourishing due to the spirit of authentic support, collaboration and camaraderie amongst staff and filmmakers.

Joanna Lipper, The Supreme Price

It has been an eye opener. A fantastic experience which has led me to see a whole new world for future relationship building and distribution.

Dylan Williams, The Borneo Case

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The Impact Field Guide

As part of the Good Pitch programme, we have produced the Impact Field Guide. A free online resource designed to help anyone working with film make an even bigger impact.
Filled with crucial case studies from the past 10 years and insights with incredibly smart film teams, Impact Producers, activists, funders, distributors and educators - the guide is intended to offer ideas and approaches so that you don’t have to solve a problem that someone else has already cracked.
Launched in 2014, the guide is now being used by over 46,000 users in 30 countries. Available in English, Español, Arabic and Brazillian Português - it is yours to take, teach and share.

The Impact Field Guide has been an invaluable resource for my last documentary and I am excited about using it for future projects.

Ishaya Bako, Filmmaker, Nigeria

The Impact Field guide is a great tool to systemise all your thoughts and ideas. On top of this the guide works as an inspiration and catalyst for clever reflections.

Mette Bjerregaard, Producer, Denmark

I LOVE the Impact Field Guide and I regularly recommend it to colleagues and friends to look at and organise their thoughts. It's a beast of a resource and it's brilliant to know that it will be translated into other languages.

Elhum Shakerifar, Impact Producer, UK

The Impact Field Guide is extremely inspirational! And I love all the concrete examples. It's been essential for the planning of our impact campaigns and also in strengthening the whole international field of impact producing! The impact guide is one of the most important tools for filmmakers who want to create a change!

Julia Dahr, Filmmaker, Norway

I never had the tools, the skill set, nor a mentor to realise the full potential of documentary. The Impact Field Guide has provided me with a solid structure to build a dream documentary and the dream documentaries of others. The guide is handsome and useful and we should not take it for granted – not everyone with a successful blue print is willing to share trade secrets.

Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, Impact Producer, Philippines

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