Good Pitch Local Argentina 2015

Mon 13 Apr 2015

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Good Pitch² Argentina is a satellite event, organised and run independently, in partnership with the British Council Argentina. -- El 13 de Abril del 2015, Good Pitch vuelve a Buenos Aires. La capital de Argentina presentará la segunda edición del evento y en su transcurso se presentarán los cineastas regionales e internacionales más talentosos, tanto como figuras reconocidas en el ámbito de la justicia social, ambiental, de los sectores tanto privados como públicos y de la sociedad civil. -- On April 13, 2015, Good Pitch returns to Buenos Aires! Argentina’s capital will present the second edition of Good Pitch Argentina which will be attended by talented regional and international filmmakers, as well as renowned figures from the social and environmental justice fields, from both the private and public sectors, as well as the civil society.
Good Pitch² Argentina 2015


  • Grown Ups Grown Ups

    Grown Ups follows a group of adults aged between 40 and 50 who have Downs Syndrome. Many of them have never lived independently, and as their parents grow old and infirm, they decide they are tired of being treated like children.

  • Nueva Venecia Nueva Venecia

    Nueva Venecia is a fishing community based in the middle of Colombia’s biggest lake, which bears the scars of the country’s internal conflict. But residents find an outlet through their shared passion for football, and work tirelessly to prevent the pitch – and their community – from being swallowed up by the surrounding water.

  • Quipu Quipu

    Quipu tells the story of Esperanza, who is fighting for justice after being sterilised against her wishes 16 years ago. Esperanza is just one of 300,000 women and 20,000 men who were sterilised during the 1995-2000 Fujimori government, as part of a government policy that was promoted aggressively in rural, impoverished, and indigenous communities. After extensive investigations by Amnesty International, it is now well known that many women were coerced into the procedure or did not give consent.

  • Sumercé Sumercé

    Sumercé follows the stories of four Colombian campesinos of different generations on the frontline of the struggle against mining, which is endangering the biodiversity of the unique paramo Andean ecosystems and the existence of thousands of rural communities located in areas where mining corporations want to operate. Many of those resisting the advance of the mines have been killed.


Teatro Picadero

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