Good Pitch Kenya 2016

Sat 8 Oct 2016

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Good Pitch² is coming to Kenya in October 2016. Good Pitch is made by BRITDOC. Good Pitch² Kenya 2016 will be hosted by Docubox, the East African Documentary Film Fund.


  • Strike A Rock (formerly In the Land of Milk and Honey) Strike A Rock (formerly In the Land of Milk and Honey)

    In the Land of Milk and Honey brings to light the untold story of the women of Marikana, who fight for justice after the massacre in August 2012. Post-massacre, led by unemployed woman Primrose Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana, they form an organisation called Sikhala Sonke (We-Cry- Together) to try to rebuild their community. From community organising to the corridors of power, how will they make their voices be heard?

  • Survivors Survivors

    Through the eyes of Sierra Leonean filmmakers, Survivors presents a heart-connected portrait of their country during the Ebola outbreak, exposing the complexity of the epidemic and the socio-political turmoil that lies in its wake. Survivors chronicles the remarkable stories of Sierra Leoneans during what is now widely regarded as the most acute public health crisis of the modern era.

  • Thank You For the Rain Thank You For the Rain

    Worlds collide on the frontline of climate change.

  • The Letter The Letter

    The Letter takes us deep into Kenya's Coast Province, to explore the region's growing problem of violence against elderly people. Accused and condemned as witches, more than twenty elderly people are being killed every month in these communities. But the witchcraft is being used as a cover-up for countless family disputes over land and resources.

  • Truth Truth

    A father of two and gay sportsman lives with his lover in a Nairobi slum. It’s a far cry from the life his rural parents believe he has with his son’s mother. An aspiring politician’s ambitions for a “stone the gays law” are at odds with our hero’s desire to live a truthful life. What will the truth cost him?

  • Turkana: Race for Resources Turkana: Race for Resources

    A forgotten desert community grapples with the consequences of a big oil find on their land. Will the promised development be what they’ve always wanted and must they lose their traditional way of life? From the community elders looking for answers and a place at the table, to the young environmentalist campaigning for social justice, to the oil man, who is convinced that this geological find can bring the progress and investment that the region has been desperately waiting for. Turkana: Race for Resources observes the battle for the soul and the future of Kenya’s great Northern desert country.


Kenya National Theatre

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