Good Pitch New York 2013

Tue 30 Apr 2013

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This year we returned to the Ford Foundation with projects tackling the Bolivian cocaine industry, poverty and women's economic emancipation in Latin America, immigrant workers' rights in NYC, the increasing wage gap, Senegal's 'African Spring', war crimes in Sri Lanka, and the pro-life debate in rural South Dakota. A hugely dynamic day, this event raised production and outreach funding for several of the projects, resulted in not one but two standing ovations, and bade farewell to Orlando Bagwell for whom this was his final Good Pitch as head of Ford Foundation's JustFilms initiative.


  • An African Spring An African Spring

    Believing his work unfinished, President Abdoulaye Wade challenged Senegal’s constitutional term limits and ran for re-election. Within days Senegal descended into division and violence, threatening its reputation among Africa’s oldest and most stable democracies. The election and pro-democracy movement is documented from both sides, ultimately revealing a chapter of African Spring.

  • Cocaine Prison Cocaine Prison

    From inside one of Bolivia’s notorious prisons, a cocaine worker, a drug mule, and his little sister reveal the country's relationship with cocaine. Cocaine Prison puts into perspective the War on Drugs and the lives of the ‘disposable’ people and questions the effort to incarcerate cocaine workers while banks worldwide have unfettered potential to launder billions of cocaine dollars every year.

  • Disruption Disruption

    A band of Latin American activist economists sets out to change their continent, teaming up with impoverished women to challenge accepted notions on how to eradicate poverty. The women become empowered economic and political engines of their communities. If taken to scale, could 20 million women upend a continent?

  • Inequality for All Inequality for All

    In this timely and entertaining documentary, noted economic policy expert and UC Berkeley professor Robert Reich distills the topic of widening income inequality, and takes on the question of what effects this increasing gap has on our economy and our democracy.

  • No Fire Zone (formerly The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka) No Fire Zone (formerly The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka)

    No Fire Zone tells the story of the final awful months of the 26 year long Sri Lankan civil war. A chilling expose of some of the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity of recent times - told through the extraordinary personal stories of a group of characters and through some of the most disturbing video evidence ever recorded.

  • The Hand That Feeds The Hand That Feeds

    Twelve undocumented immigrant workers face long odds, unemployment, betrayal and the threat of deportation when they take on a well-known New York City restaurant chain owned by powerful investors. This David and Goliath story explores what it takes for ordinary people to stand up for their dignity - and win.

  • Young Lakota Young Lakota

    Cecelia Fire Thunder, the first female President of the Oglala Sioux tribe, challenges a South Dakota law criminalizing all abortion and ignites a political firestorm that sets off a chain reaction in the lives of three young Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation, forcing each of them to define who they are and the kind of adults they are becoming.


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