Good Pitch New York 2016

Tue 15 Nov 2016

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In November 2016 our Good Pitch flagship event returns to New York for the eighth year running. We're delighted to be hitting up The TimesCenter again, after the success of 2015's event. /// There will be two campaign development workshops as part of Good Pitch New York, taking place June 23-24 and Nov 12-13.


  • Blowin' up (formerly Imitation Of Choice) Blowin' up (formerly Imitation Of Choice)

    Imitation of Choice looks at sex work, prostitution and human trafficking through the lens of New York State's criminal justice system. The film captures the growing pains of our nation's first human trafficking intervention court in Queens, New York, and how we define trafficking and prostitution from many different perspectives: the criminal justice system, the social welfare system, and, most importantly, the women and girls who are at the center of it all.

  • Councilwoman Councilwoman

    Councilwoman follows Carmen Castillo, a Dominican hotel housekeeper in her first term as a politician after she wins a seat on Providence, Rhode Island’s City Council. This is a film about entrenched power in American democracy, what it means to venture between worlds that don’t see each other, and the personal challenges of a public life.

  • Dark Money Dark Money

    Eighty percent of Americans consistently disagree with the US Supreme Court's 'Citizens United' ruling, which allowed unlimited, anonymous dark money to flood elections. Dark Money puts a human face on campaign finance reform, telling the story of Montana's grassroots opposition to dark money. Culminating in a dramatic courtroom clash, Montana shows the rest of the nation how to fix its campaign finance system.

  • Dawnland Dawnland

    A documentary about cultural survival and stolen children: inside the first truth and reconciliation commission for Native Americans.

  • Quest Quest

    Filmed with vérité intimacy for over a decade, QUEST is a portrait of a family in North Philadelphia. Christopher “Quest” Rainey, along with his wife Christine’a, aka “Ma Quest,” open the door to their home music studio, which serves as a creative sanctuary from the strife that grips their neighborhood. Over the years, the family evolves as everyday life brings a mix of joy and unexpected crisis. Set against the backdrop of a country now in turmoil, QUEST is a tender depiction of an American family whose journey is a profound testament to love, healing and hope.

  • Rescue Breath Rescue Breath

    In the heart of the opioid epidemic, a group of young men attempt to rebuild their lives after years of abuse, poverty, and drug use. “Rescue Breath” showcases the struggle, strength, and determination that it takes to overcome addiction - and lays bare the internal conflict of recovery.

  • The People vs. Agent Orange (formerly Madame Tran's Last Battle) The People vs. Agent Orange (formerly Madame Tran's Last Battle)

    The deadliest use of chemicals in the history of warfare continues to kill and deform. Madame Tran charges 26 corporations with knowingly poisoning Vietnam with Agent Orange. There has been no accountability for this 'ecocide'. By exposing the profit-oriented decisions that left Agent Orange contaminated, the film can hasten dioxin clean-up and provide care for the many thousands of victims.


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