Good Pitch Local Southeast Asia 2017

Thu 4 May 2017

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Good Pitch² Southeast Asia was held for the first time on May 4th, 2017. Good Pitch² Southeast Asia is a satellite event, organised and run independently by In-Docs
Good Pitch² Southeast Asia 2017


  • Audio Perpetua Audio Perpetua

    In a small classroom in Manila, a group of non-sighted individuals are being taught how to actively listen to audio files and find their way around a standard computer keyboard. Carol, blind since the age of nine, believes in the 'blind leading the blind' approach. She is the training teacher and a well-known blind transcriptionist in the Philippines. Together with her blind students- Eugemar and Katchry - they form this complex, personal world forged by sound and tactile experiences. In another corner of Manila, a group of sighted transcriptionists listen to a different set of audio files, day in and day out, ranging from legal depositions, juvenile court proceedings, yoga sessions chanted in the Midwest, the bored cadence of tired pathologists doing medical autopsies. Audio Perpetua delves into the lives of the new archivists of American memories- Philippine audio transcriptionists who get to hear a slice of everyday life in the US.

  • Song For My Children Song For My Children

    For Dialita – a choir group – singing is an act of bravery. Silenced for more than 50 years, as survivors of Indonesia’s greatest human rights tragedy, they are singing songs that have long disappeared, along with millions of lives that had alleged connections to communism. Despite several regime changes over five decades, many conservative groups in Indonesia are still opposed to any efforts to present the 1965 genocide in public discussions. Dialita is a rare place where survivors and their families find heart-warming support. Through singing, they heal their trauma together, while connecting with young musicians and audiences who want to continue their efforts to tell Indonesia’s erased dark past.

  • Sunday Beauty Queen Sunday Beauty Queen

    Hong Kong is a buzzing international city, but behind the scenes Filipino domestic helpers work around the clock to manage its homes and families. Leaving their own homes and families, every day they face stark realities that do not live up to their dreams of earning a foreign currency. Only on Sunday can they gather with their fellow domestic workers, put on their heels and compete in a beauty pageant designed and managed by them. Sunday Beauty Queen is an evolving canvas that tells the journey of some of Hong Kong's Filipino housemaids and their quest to freedom and empowerment.

  • Unteachable (formerly Intuition) Unteachable (formerly Intuition)

    Intuition is a never-before-seen insight into the lives of teenagers at the bottom rung of the academic ladder in Singapore. Deemed unteachable, they struggle to survive, while their teachers labour tirelessly to help them thrive. Convinced that the best way to master a subject is to take ownership of both learning and teaching, Meixi, a dedicated teacher of these students, introduces Tutoriá (Tutorial Relationships) into Singapore classrooms. Originally from Mexico, Tutoriá redefines everything students and teachers think they know about learning in school. Will this be a passing phase or a game-changer? How will this deviation from the norm impact the lives of these students, their teachers, and beyond?


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