Good Pitch Local Texas 2020

27 & 28 October 2020

Dallas, TX

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Good Pitch Local Texas 2020

27 & 28 October 2020


  • Green Careers Dallas

    Our mission is to disrupt poverty through green career training and community education. We recru...

  • Defenders of Wildlife

    Permian to Padre - the fossil fuel industry's impact on wildlife and water across Texas. We ...

  • Lionfish University

    The story of the invasion of Pacific lionfish in the Atlantic Ocean, which is destroying our ocea...

  • Southern Sector Rising

    Southern Sector Rising’s first objective was to shut down Shingle Mountain. We were so successful...

  • Smell The Earth

    A renowned local brewery bought 165 acres of barren land in the Texas Hill Country to save it fro...

  • Shoulders Deep

    Aniya Wingate is a radiant and talented 17-year-old African American dancer from Houston, who was...

  • Where The Butterflies Go

    After quitting his job and getting dumped, filmmaker and nature enthusiast Fraser Jones decides t...

  • Hollow Tree

    Louisiana through the eyes of three young women coming-of-age at different points along the Missi...

  • Green New Tomorrow

    Green New Tomorrow (GNT) is a documentary series dedicated to discovering the top 50 green innova...

  • ONG.

    Power, politics, money, and the environment... We are at a tipping point. The oil and gas industr...


Dallas, TX

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