UK 2009

8th September, 2009

25 New Inn Yard, London

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UK 2009

8th September, 2009


  • Town of Runners

    Many of the world’s greatest runners hail from Bekoji, a small town in rural Ethiopia. Town of Ru...

  • Scenes from a Teenage Killing

    Seventeen is a feature-length film that will remember every teenager to fall victim to violent de...

  • After the Apocalypse

    Exposing the legacy of the largest, most secretive and most sustained nuclear experiment in histo...

  • Casablanca Calling

    In Morocco, the world's first female Muslim leaders are setting out to change their country:...

  • Mass e Bhat

    A portrait of a developing nation through the eyes of its working children. The nature of develop...

  • How to Re-Establish a Vodka Empire

    A manuscript in a suitcase lead me to my great-grandfather's vodka factory in deepest Ukrain...

  • Moving to Mars

    Moving to Mars tells the story of two families: exiled from Burma, and now heading for a new life...

  • 25 to Life

    William Brawner was infected with HIV before he turned two and kept it a secret for over twenty y...


25 New Inn Yard, London

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