New York, USA

Oct 22nd 2019

Doc Society is delighted to announce the return of the national edition of Good Pitch to the US in 2019.


We are looking for six ambitious feature documentaries that tackle a national or global issue, stories that reveal something important about our world, and ourselves.

Films of any style are welcomed – personal, observational, essays, presenter-led, or verité.

Projects can be at any stage, while rough cut is ideal, early production to completion and even films scheduled for festival premiere are acceptable. They should be 60+ minutes in length (we welcome plans for shorter versions and accompanying interactive projects).


Good Pitch filmmakers think beyond traditional funding and distribution models. They have creative ideas to reach audiences that matter. They are excited about the prospect of designing and partnering on an impact campaign that could change hearts and minds, affect policy, and help build community.

Participating in the Good Pitch programme is both an opportunity and a commitment. Doc Society works to support the selected film teams over a six-month period; we need you to be ready and willing to partner and participate in the convenings and workshops that precede the Pitch event.

Participating filmmakers will be invited to participate in a four day Impact Lab from May 20th-23rd in New York. With a pitch training workshop on the weekend of October 19th-20th and the live event on October 22nd 2019.

Thank you to all our partners and supporters who have made this event possible


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  • Through The Night

    To make ends meet, Americans are working longer hours across multiple jobs. This modern reality o...

  • Two Gods

    Hanif, a Muslim casket maker and ritual body washer in Newark, NJ brings two young men under his ...

  • Disclosure

    Through the history of transgender representation in film and TV, Disclosure shows how the fabled...

  • 40 Days & 40 Nights

    Echoing Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign, a visionary pastor from Goldsboro...

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