Almost Sunrise

ALMOST SUNRISE is the inspiring true story of two friends who embark on an epic journey to heal from their time in combat. Filled with hope for veterans who’ve left the battlefield behind and are now seeking peace on the home front, ALMOST SUNRISE follows ex-soldiers Tom and Anthony as they walk 2,700 miles across America.

Their passage is one of redemption – an outer transformation and an inner awakening – brought on by the communities who embrace them along the way, and by their encounters with spiritual guides who help them find the inner peace they so desperately seek. Through their journey, the film provides an unprecedented exploration of moral injury – a term recently defined by mental health professionals as wounds to the soul caused by participation in events that go against one’s deeply held beliefs about right and wrong, and which many believe may be the leading cause behind the soldier suicide crisis in the US. With its honest, deeply human storytelling, ALMOST SUNRISE shows vets, and those who love them, that these wounds can be healed– and reminds us all of the power of community to truly help bring our soldiers home. GALVANIZE CHANGE Working with Impact Producer Jennifer MacArthur, and equipped with all that we learned and achieved through "Give Up Tomorrow" and the "Free Paco Now" campaign, we will bring our passion for impact, awareness and action to an engagement campaign that ignites this timely and much needed international dialogue around mental health, healing and war.

Production team