Anatomy of Poverty

Anatomy of Poverty (working title) follows several characters in order to explore the impact and progress of foreign direct investment on Tanzania over the last ten years since massive privatization measures were enacted.

The film examines the complex 'food chain' of corruption on three distinct, inextricably linked levels: from Rachel's grassroots struggle, to Zitto's fight to expose and combat government corruption from the inside, and finally the role of Western multinationals and donor organizations in the development of Africa and exploitation of its resources. I want to work with potential partners so they can use the film to increase public awareness and support campaigns for policy changes in three areas: 1) Improve governance transparency in the mining industry. I want to make contact with established civic groups, policy centers, university media centers and shareholder activist groups who work in this area. (2) Promote meaningful corporate social responsibilities by showing mining companies the impact of their activities on local communities so that they can introduce policies which address these issues by introducing social and economic programs which have local community involvement (3) Foster private-public partnerships which can develop alternative funding approaches, involving financial institutions, multinationals and governments involved in resource extraction. I want to make contact with international NGOs and Foundations involved in such work, so that the film can be used in special screenings aimed at policy makers.

Production team