Away From Meaning

Liliana struggles with her borderline personality disorder, trying to be normal. When two of the best private mental institutions in Mexico closed down, Liliana has to fight her crisis at home, supported by her parents and closest friends. A poetic and personal portrait which takes the management of mental health out of the shadows.

Ever since Liliana suffered from viral encephalitis at the age of three, her emotions are far from normal and she struggles with relationships. At first she did not understand what was happening. Nowadays, 37 years old and aware of everything that keeps her from behaving like everyone else, she feels as though her life were meaningless. Through Liliana’s growing awareness of her condition, this documentary explores her inner world through images based on her diary, narrated by herself (hallucinations). Liliana’s life has been surrounded by people who have supported and saved her through her many crises: her parents and friends (Carlos) Everyone has overcome the situation with a mix of affection and sense of humor. Even Carlos, a diagnosed schizophrenic struggling with his own baggage, sometimes worries and identifies with her. About 5 years ago, the psychiatric ward where Liliana was hospitalised during her crisis closed. This has forced her to continue with her treatment at home, putting her at risk of hurting someone during one of her fits. The story will be told in two levels, past and present, as well as vignettes depicting her hallucinations. The present will follow a chronological narrative line. In it, Liliana has a crisis and must decide what to do. As for the past, it will be narrated backwards. She was only diagnosed 15 years ago and we’ll discover the methods and procedures of her treatment. These include drug abuse, several stays at rehab clinics and psychiatric wards, as well as attempted suicides.

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