Dare to Dream

An inspiring story of a girl married at 14 who advocates for education to liberate herself against conservative patriarchal communities in rural Rajasthan.

Married off at the age of 14, Ganeshi had to fight to go against the norms and practices of her community to make her dreams come true. Child marriage is still a common practice amongst the tribal Rebari Community of Southern Rajasthan in India but there are girls like Ganeshi and others around her who oppose such archaic practises. Ganeshi is a beacon for hope and change in the conservative community as she pursues education, instead of moving into her in-law’s house and settling into domesticity. She chooses to make her mark and assert her independence by attempting to become a Government school teacher. As she bristles against the patriarchal pressures of her community, she inspires others around her including her own family to bring in change by changing themselves.