Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the most powerful technology of our time. It has the potential to solve humanity’s biggest challenges yet some fear AI will be our downfall. iHUMAN follows pioneers at the frontline of the race to develop the ever more sophisticated AI to find the questions we need to ask at this crucial point in history.

iHUMAN goes inside the booming artificial intelligence (AI) industry to see what opportunities and challenges computer scientists see as they drive this technology forward. Through their process we learn about the pro and cons of AI. We see how AI is optimizing health care and helping us meet the UN’s sustainability goals, and we see how there are concerns of possible misuse of the technology as it is developing exponentially fast. As machines get smarter what it means to be human is changing. How does AI impact who we are? How can we make sure we develop AI that is safe and for the common good? What goals and values do we program into our AI systems? "Whoever becomes a leader in AI will rule the world." – Putin. As data input and computing power increase we face an AI revolution that is changing our lives and our world. At this turning point in history, by some called The New Big Bang, very few people understand what AI really is or what is coming our way. Through the voices of the AI industry iHUMAN sheds light on the important issues we face with AI. The film explores the need for international standards and regulations for the development and implementation of AI, and asks if it possible to regulate artificial intelligence. iHUMAN features the brightest minds in the industry to draw the roadmap to where we are going. This documentary film is made for both theatrical and broadcast release. With strong character-driven stories and groundbreaking use of AI in the making of the film, iHUMAN is made to entertain and inform a wide international audience about the impact of the most powerful technology of our time.

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